Thursday, 28 May 2015

Tutorial Thrusday - Anypose Expression Hud

Today I thought I'd talk about something I feel all avatars should have.

Anypose Expression Hud is something everyone should own, if they take photos of themselves often. I use it a lot as a designer, as well as a blogger. Casual Photographers should have this too, if you take a lot of profile pics of yourself, or lots with loved ones.

This hud is very  simple to use, Facial Expression are to the left, going down. When you select an expression, a little X will appear in the box beside it. This way you know what you have activated. With the expansion of many mesh bodies on the market, I don't use the hand positioning anymore, but there might still be those of you who find it useful. I use to use the fist a lot, for holding things, like swords.

Hud when it is closed on your screen. It is very small. I normally position it to my top left of the screen. It isn't distracting at all.

At the very top are a few buttons that help with resizing and closing the hud. The X button will actually detach it from you.

More photos and tutorial continuation after the break.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Humpday Hunting - 3 Hunt Roundup

This is just a sample of some of the wonderful gifts you will find, from these hunts, which all end soon. Grab them while you can!

Just Green Hunt
Ends May 30th

Get Lei'd Hunt
Ends May 31st

The Gingham Hunt
Ends May 30th

Tuesday, 26 May 2015


This is a Bonus Post today. I made this outfit and did the shoot, but couldn't figure out which of my blogs I was going to put it up on.

I had enough cheap stuff on, I figured I'd share with you all here. This look wasn't specifically made with this Free*Style in mind, so it isn't chalk full of freebies, like my normal looks are. Sorry if this disappoints any of you.

World Goth Fair is still going on, until the 31st. That is where i did my on location shoot today.

Fantasy Gacha Carnival is still going on as well, and that is where you will find these "Eye of the Spider" pieces. There are 3 colours to collect, and each set has a staff, headdress, necklace and armbands. The Headdresses are the rares.

If you haven't been to the Thrift Shop, I think that is ending really soon as well. PixyStix has their newest skin line, Evi, on for 60% off. There are gifts, gachas and other great discounts here as well.

Our very own Rosemarie has been a busy little bee, and put all her new series of eyes up on SL Marketplace. So you not only can visit Shop Free*Style, and get a pair, but you can go on SLM and grab them too.


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - Helmet Head in Night - Not Free
Hairbase - Adoness - Shaved Flora in Black - L$50 fatpack
Skin - PixyStix - Evi Skin in Drow Tone/Nude Makeup - 60% off @ Thrift Shop
Eyes - Banana Banshee - "Fly me to the Moon" Eyes in Dark Lilac/Small - L$10
Lashes - Dientes - Eyelash Enhancers - N/A
Hands - Death Row Designs - Demon Hands - Not Free
Jumpsuit - Avatar Bizarre - Arachne Jumpsuit in Black - *NEW* @ World Goth Fair
Necklace - Zyn - Eye of the Spider Necklace in Rust - Common Gacha Prize @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Headdress - Zyn - Eye of the Spider Headdress in Rust - Rare Gacha Prize @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival 

Poses by Black Tulip - *NEW* @ World Goth Fair

Welcome to the Skydome!

So I have a Turnip Skydome on on this account, which I use sparsely, when blogging builds and gardens. I rarely do it, but it does sometimes happen.

Problem is, I don't have one on my other avatar, and sometimes I am not on the sim where I have my dome rezzed out.

So I was looking for alternative options today, and found this!

It comes in a 32x32 and a 64x64 sizing. It is mod, so you can add your own skies and ground textures.

Best part? it is FREE!

I hope you enjoy this random little find.

Get your KMH Skydome HERE.

Tootsie Tuesdays - Baby Monkey

This week on Tootsie Tuesdays, I have these Knee High Boots for you all to enjoy. They are from Baby Monkey, and are in a Mini Mania Board. Grab 10 friends, and slap away. It only took me 7 minutes to win my pair.

Monday, 25 May 2015


I am pleasantly surprised at this shot, the more I look at it, the more I am in love with it. I didn't even put my hands on, since it was suppose to be just a headshot pic.

I found these eyes as a sample at !Musa!. There is a full gacha series, which you can view below. This version is sort of like a wearable demo, you can see if you like them on your avatar, then if you do, play a few rounds on the gacha machine. 

I really like the albino and dawn versions.

The hair I am wearing is a new mainstore gift from Pocket Mirrors. This is a store that has been around for a long time, and I am glad they are still here creating. My shots don't do the hair justice at all, I might take more shots on a different post this week. The style comes with the hairbase, which is a really nice one. There are 4 free packs in total, each with 3 colourations. Look around the shop for more deals and some great classic styles. The male styles are done well too, I buy them for my malt.


Shape - Curves - SL Marketplace Deal
Hair - Pocket Mirrors - Instore Gift
Skin - Lara Hurley - Instore Group Gift
Skin Burner - Lara Hurley - Instore Group Gift
Eyes - !Musa! - Subscriber Gift
Lashes - Lumae - Instore Group Gift
Tattoo - Ghost'Ink - Rare Gacha Prize @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Dress - Mistique - Not Free
Crown - Kibitz - Rare Gacha Prize @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Pose 1 - Kupu Kupu - SL Marketplace Deal
Pose 2 - Overlow - SL Marketplace Gift

Monday Morning Pinterest - Volume 3

Just spent an hour looking for things, both for myself, and for you all. Sileny has been busy too, there are a lot of new pins from over the weekend.

If you haven't visited us on our board yet, today is a good time to start.

My pinterest button was working a little wonky, so some of the links on the pins aren't hard linked, you will have to copy past those ones, there was about 5 that went screwy.

The items are things we either find on the grid, or over the net, which are free or cheap. Please enjoy the Window Shopping!